A Morning Walk on Brooklyn Bridge, 1905

Walking on Brooklyn BridgePut on your Sunday best and join us for a morning walk over the Brooklyn Bridge this fine day in 1905 New York.

Men and women can be seen walking in both directions. Two purposeful men, businessmen perhaps, stride towards the camera. Behind them two women in fine dresses and hats stroll arm in arm.

You can see the city skyline in the background. The giant skyscrapers of today would have seemed impossible to the people of this proud city at its height of power and prosperity.

It is also interesting what you do not see in this picture. There is no litter. Everything seems calm and unhurried.

Rope Bridge

Rope BridgeA very scary looking rickety rope bridge crosses a river at Rampur, India, circa 1870.

These types of bridges were often the only way to cross rivers in India and South East Asia. They can still be found in the more impoverished, rural parts.

Close up of Bridge

Closeup of the Brave Soul About to Cross the Bridge

The Ropes

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