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Rope Bridge

Rope BridgeA very scary looking rickety rope bridge crosses a river at Rampur, India, circa 1870.

These types of bridges were often the only way to cross rivers in India and South East Asia. They can still be found in the more impoverished, rural parts.

Close up of Bridge

Closeup of the Brave Soul About to Cross the Bridge

The Ropes

Pig Racing

A fancy dressed man with a riding whip rides a very big pig, somewhere in England during the early 1900s.

Man Riding a PigApparently this is still a thing in parts of rural England. Riding pigs and pig races may not have the cachet of racing horses or even grey hounds, but it does score high on the wtf factor.

I wonder if these thoroughbred racing pigs end up as ham or bacon in the end. This one certainly looks well fed.

minecraft pig racing


Pig racing is a hold over from old country traditions but it has gotten a makeover within the Minecraft universe, where pig racing is a popular sport.

In Minecraft, Pigs are passive animal mobs. They will not attack a human and provide useful resources and transportation. Pigs can be outfitted with a saddle which then allows the player to ride them. If killed by fire, the pigs produce pork chops. If killed by lightning they turn into zombie piigmen.


It is interesting to compare the way our society has evolved in the more than 100 years that separate the first picture from the screen shot of a popular video game. Upheavals have overturned dynasties, reshaped the map of the world; technology has allowed us to reach the moon. But there is an uninterrupted, though somewhat, meandering link between the country pig races and zombie pigmen of Minecraft.


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