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Out for a Sunday Drive

Out for a DriveA group of fashionably dressed women go for a Sunday drive in 1915 San Francisco through Golden Gate Park. I have no idea how they managed to keep their giant hats from being blown off. Based on their dresses and the fact they owned an automobile we can tell that these women were relatively well off. They were also trend setters; not only was driving an automobile still a novelty, but not too many women drove cars in those days.

Ansonia Hotel, New York

The Ansonia Hotel,  billed itself as “Fireproof in Every Sense of the Word” (how many senses are there):


For once the advertisement may actually have been true because the hotel is not only still standing, it has had a very rich history including being featured in many books and movies over the years.

In 1915 a room and a bath cost $3.00, maid service was optional and catered to Transient and Permanent guests. It billed itself as the finest Apartment Hotel in the World.

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