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Cucumber Man

cucumbermanJust in time for this 1887’s growing season, we present to you a Fine New Sort of Nichol’s Green Cucumber. It is found exclusively in Rice’s Box of Choice Vegetables! This new and very handsome variety is worthy of the first place in the list of pickle sorts, and second to none as a slicer. Fresh crisp and tender of excellent quality and so very desirable for table use. We are sure that you will love it.

Every cucumber comes dressed in a stylish hat. Styles will vary. The only draw back is that each mutated cucumber beast also has tiny legs that may make it hard to catch them. Also you can’t be too squeamish about the head. They tend to complain a bit when you slice them, but the taste is worth it!

The Circus is Coming to Town!

Victorian Era CircusIt’s 1899 and the Ringling Brothers Circus is in town. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon in July? Come out and watch a tremendous spectacular free carnival featuring famous mounted military companies of the world with bands. Section 21 of the Parade will display Warfare in the Punjaub complete with war elephants! And section 29 of the parade will feature a Caravan Crossing the Desert! Which comes right after the Children’s Fairyland Parade complete with tiny horses and elephants.


Sounds like it was an elaborate and extremely big circus parade. The emphasis on military pageantry for what was primarily a children’s entertainment is an interesting reflection on how our values have changed since then.