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Planning on being in New York in 1908, then why not catch Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, now in the Zenith of Its Glory!


Come see the Mighty Avalanche,  the Devastating Prairie Fire, the Battle of Summit Springs,  the World’s Rough Riders Led by the Only and Original Colonel William. F.  Cody (Buffalo Bill) Who Positively Appears at Every Performance.   Seats are only 25 cents or you can get a box seat for just $2.00.  Its a great bargain and a great way to spend an afternoon in 1908 New York.

Buffalo Bill Cody

Studio Portrait of Buffalo Bill Cody, star of the Wild West Show

This poster advertised the very popular traveling show put on by the legendary frontiersman and buffalo hunter, Buffalo Bill Cody (February 26, 1846 – January 10, 1917) . Cody served as a scout for the Union forces during the American Civil War in which he earned a Medal of Honor. After the war, Cody headed west and made a career out of slaughtering bison to supply meat to the railroad crews carving new rail lines to the west.

Despite his bravery and accomplishments as a soldier, Cody would likely have faded into obscurity if had not had the good luck to be made the subject of a largely fictional biography titled, Buffalo Bill, King of the Bordermen which featured made up exploits by the real Buffalo Bill. The book was serialized in the Chicago Tribune and was so popular that several sequels followed.

Seizing his unexpected fifteen minutes of fame, Cody developed a stage show featuring battles with Indians, Buffalo hunts and other extravaganzas which he took on tour to the big cities of the East, where audiences were hungry for a look at the legendary American Old West. He even took his show on tour to Europe, including the City of Lights, where Parisians were enthralled by the frontiersman and his show.

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