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Old Advertisements for Fountain Pens

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Before the invention of disposable ballpoint pens, fountain pens were the writing instrument of choice. They were expensive, and one might use the same fountain pen for years, so choosing one that fit your style and budget was important.  When America still had an industrial base, there were hundreds of small manufacturers of fountain pens competing for business. Here is an ad from the late 1800s which is typical of the claims made by these now forgotten fountain pen makers:

A Magazine Advertisement for a Fountain Pen

A Magazine Advertisement for a Fountain Pen

The text of the advertisement reads:

“The Best is Cheapest

Crown Fountain Pens

Crown Gold Pens

-Received Highest Awards at World’s Fair, Chicago 1893

All Sizes and Styles / Every Pen Guaranteed

Crown Pen Co. Manufacturers

All Makes of Fountain and Gold Pens Repaired”

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Victor Doppelt

Victor Doppelt

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