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Today our time machine takes us to a jewellery store in Knoxville, Tennessee. It is 1899 and the owner, Mr. Dodson, is busy working on a watch so he does not notice our presence as we look through this photographic window into the past.


The jeweler is examining a pocket watch through a monocular enlarging lens. Spread out in front of him are the tools of his trade as well as an assortment of vest and pocket watches, in varying states of completeness and disassembly. There is a large clock on the wall as well as a mirror with some writing on it.

Let’s use own enlarging lens to look more closely at Mr. Dodson and his gadgets.

Watch Repair Tools
Watch Repair

This photo was part of a collection of historic photographs depicting successful African Americans in various occupations and businesses, which formed part of the United States pavilion at the 1900 Paris Exhibition. The goal of the exhibit was to depict African Americans in a positive light and to dispel negative stereotypes.

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