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Climbing a Glacier in Mt. Ranier National ParkA group of adventurous men and women, sporting the latest mountain climbing equipment for 1915, climb a glacier in Mount Rainier National Park. It’s interesting to see just how unsuitable their shoes and clothing is compared to today’s equipment.

The women are all wearing cumbersome skirts and floppy hats. It must have been warm on that day because no one is wearing gloves or scarves.

Below is a closeup of some of the climbers allowing us to see their old fashioned climbing equipment:

Conquerors of the Peaks

The caption indicates that the photo was taken in Mount Rainier National park, though I am not sure about the exact location. I wonder if the glacier is still there, or if it has melted and receded in the face of global warming.

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Victor Doppelt

Victor Doppelt

Victor Doppelt explores the world of yesterday through vintage photographs and informative articles.